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is an important street in Toronto, Canada. It was located in Toronto's Chinatown, and later evolved into the Toronto "Wall Street." 1967 Immigration Act abolished national quotas (quota) system; Canada began the development of multicultural policies to attract many non-white immigrants. Most of these immigrants gathered in Toronto, Vancouver and other metropolitan areas; one third gathering in Toronto. Early influx of immigrants from Hong Kong, when Chinese restaurants are rare, in order to integrate into the local food culture, some Chinese restaurants have been offering different Chinese and Western cuisine, this way, gradually formed a unique local characteristic. The director had been travel to Bay Street and really loves the local food culture, so that use the Bay Street as café name.

Bay Street是加拿大多伦多的一条重要街道。它曾是多伦多唐人街的所在地,后来逐渐发展成为了多伦多的"华尔街"。1967年移民法取消国别限额(quota)制度,加拿大开始发展多元文化政策,吸引了许多非白种人移民。这些移民大多聚集在多伦多、温哥华等大都会区﹔其中三分之一聚集在多伦多。早年香港移民大量涌入,当年华人餐馆并不多见,为了融入当地人的饮食文化,一些华人餐馆纷纷推出不同的中西料理,这样一来,逐渐形成了当地独有的特色。业者曾到过当地旅游,深受当地的饮食文化感动,特以此命名。
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